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My husband just came home with a diaper cake gift that one of his clients and his wife gave us. I had my baby daughter 3 weeks ago, and people have been sending little things to us in drips and drabs.

This diaper cake by far blows away anything anyone has sent me or gave me since my daughter's birth and even at my shower.

Renee, your work is amazing. I cried at how pretty it is. I know you didn't give it to me directly, but you made it, so "koodos" to you!!! You're amazing! Thanks to Roco and Kelly who found you and purchased this diaper cake from you to give to us….I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!! :o)

Karla O.
Petaluma, CA

Renee did a wonderful job on the cakes that I ordered! She really goes out of her way to make sure that you'll be happy with her creations. She customized the cake to be exactly what I wanted and I couldn't be happier with the result.

You can tell that she loves what she does, which makes working with her a joy.

Thank you Renee!!

Stella L.
San Jose, CA

Renee is amazing! I called her on a weekday morning and requested that she make 10 (yes, 10!) diaper cakes...for that afternoon...and deliver them to us in Redwood City! Renee had no lead time, personal appts. to attend, and still managed to get 10 diaper cakes prepared and to us on time. I (and everybody else) were very impressed with the diaper cakes, all of which were different. We presented 10 emloyees with the cakes as we're experiencing a baby boom in our office... It was a huge success and eveybody was raving about the cakes.

What's more, Renee came all the way to our office a few days later to meet us in person. Now that's what I call customer service! We plan to go through Renee for all diaper cake needs moving forward.

Thanks, Renee, for coming through for us on such short notice! You have a new loyal customer as a result of your hard work, diligence, and follow through!

Jennifer T.
Redwood City, CA

We ordered a diaper cake for twins and Renee did a fabulous job customizing the cake to exactly what we wanted. She put a lot of personal attention into the details and made sure we were happy with the order and cost. Delivery was prompt and done with a lot of care. Thank you Renee!

Erin D.
Fullerton, CA

Outstanding customer service!! I was desperate for a delivery within 24 hours and Renee went out of her way to help me get 2 beautiful cakes for my sisters baby shower.

I will definitely use her again as she delivers beautiful quality at a very competitive price and with the upmost professionalism and attention to making the customer happy...... Absolutely over-joyed! Thank you Renee for all your efforts.... you saved me!

Camila T.
Albuquerque, NM

I love having options and Renee definitely provides them. Whether it is color schemes, ribbons, stuffed toys, or outfits Renee will have options to make sure that your diaper cake is unique and personalized to the mother-to-be.

This was my first time purchasing a diaper cake and Renee was patient and knowledgeable in helping me decide on what size diaper to use. She incorporated the natural baby products I had purchased originally as a shower gift, into the diaper cake and pulled it off magnificently.

There was another diaper cake at the shower but Renee's definitely shined brighter. And not just because of it's size.

Next time, I think I will include the personalized pacifier.

Thom T.
San Jose, CA

Renee is a very professional and dedicated businesswoman. She really takes pride into making sure your diaper cake is exactly what you want. She is very detail-oriented and gives you individualized attention and makes sure that both you and her are on the same page. I was 150% satisfied with my diaper cake. We had a nautical theme and she went above and beyond to be sure our cake represented that of a nautical theme. She is very honest and wants the cake to be special for your special occasion. I would recommend her and her company to anyone looking to buy a diaper cake. I know she does towel cakes too for house warmings, etc…I saw a few examples of those and they were also very nice. You can tell Renee takes her time when making your diaper cake, it just shows in the presentation of the cake. I was very pleased and I think you will be too.


Hetal & Roshan Patel

Renee is such an amazing, kind person and it was a pleasure working with her. She exceeded my expectations of what a diaper cake should look like. Everyone at my baby shower was in awe of the beautiful cake she designed. The mom to be loved the cake so much that she refuses to open it and ruin the beautiful cake. Renee is very detailed and truly delivered my request when it came to the theme and overall look I wanted. She went over and beyond and the end result was amazing! I disappointingly lost my camera just a couple days prior to the baby shower so I was unable to take any photos but asked a friend to send me some of what she had. The photos I uploaded truly do not do the cake justice at all. It just looked so much prettier in person. I used it as the center piece for my desert table and it looked fantastic!!

Dena Z.

I met Renee less than a week before a friend's baby shower. She was able to make a beautiful diaper cake that met my specifications perfectly on really short notice. The cake was the hit of the party! The mom to be loved it so much she doesn't want to dismantle it. It was a great price and I couldn't believe everything that it came with. I would highly recommend this and am looking forward to ordering more in the future.

Ruth T.

I ordered 3 diaper cakes from Renee, 2 to be delivered this week and 1 to be delivered in the Spring. She was patient and thoughtful in making sure to please our needs and requests. She made the 2 diaper cakes that were needed this week on time for the showers even though it required lots of work. Because of the heavy rain and flood this week in the entire Bay Area, she made sure to hire an excellent delivery service who delivered the cakes on time, as promised and with no scratches like if the cakes had been moved from one room to the other without leaving the house! That was great. Artistically, it was also a success. Everybody just thought they were the most beautiful diaper cakes they ever saw! What is also nice is that Renee has a large selection of colors and styles. Since the diaper cakes are for 3 mothers-to-be who work together, it was important to have them of different colors and theme (green froggy, pink teddy and yellow ducky). Cool, isn't it?

I would recommend Diaper Cakes by Renee to any future shower. It is a must!!!

Rachel B.

I am amazed at how talented and creative Renee is. I recently bought two diaper cakes for two separate baby showers. Let me say that I was beyond impressed. Renee, creative designer and owner of Diaper Cakes by Renee, quickly put together both diaper cakes with only 2 days notice! Not only did she complete the job but she did so with excellence! The mommy's-to-be were also highly impressed and the cakes at both showers served almost as a decorative centerpiece to all other gifts. I'm so glad I made the investment since diapers are always needed, along with onesies, baby necessities such as brushes, combs, shampoo, baby powder, baby blanket, receiving blankets, and a learning development toy. It's a fantastic all-in-one gift that is extremely useful. I do not recommend businesses lightly, but I made it a point to give a recommendation to Renee for outstanding service and a superior product. Of the many baby shower gifts I have bought over the years, this is by far the show stopper of them all :)

Jelena C.

I don't even know where to start! I was recently thrown a baby shower by my coworkers and was just blown away by the diaper cake I received as a gift. It was the star of the show, to say the least. With my baby coming any day now, I knew I needed to take the diaper cake apart and use the many, many things included, and as I did it was even more evident how much time and effort went into it's assembly. Each individual diaper is double-bound, everything in the diaper cake is attached with double-sided tape and wrapped ribbons (which happened to be the color of the baby's nursery).

Although I've seen diaper cakes before, and actually purchased a few as gifts, I've never seen one come close to this one. Everything about this diaper cake was perfect - from the colors to the premium diapers, the quality of the items included alone set it apart beyond measure. The love and time that went into the preparation of my diaper cake was evident.

My particular diaper cake contained 130 diapers (Pampers Swaddlers, YIPPEE!), a teddy bear, plush Carter's blanket, Carter's receiving blanket, 5-piece Carter's outfit, socks, bath supplies, bookmarks with biblical scriptures, a baby book, and more!

My only regret is that I didn't get a chance to take more pictures of the diaper cake - the pictures just don't do it justice.

I would HIGHLY recommend Renee and her diaper cakes to anyone having a baby, or for anyone looking for a loving gift for a mom-to-be.

Christine G.

What a surprise to receive an awesome gift - a diaper cake from Diaper Cakes by Renee. The quality of the cake was amazing! The perfect gift for a new mom and baby. It is not only useful, but beautiful as well. Renee took the time to make the cake so beautiful. It was decorated with the cutest baby theme - with lotions, baby balm, etc. I highly recommend Diaper Cakes by Renee The diaper cake was great - don't miss this opportunity to give a quality gift at a great price. God Bless Renee!

Thank you again,

Koleta, Walter and Donovan